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A+R - Rising Star: Iris Murphy

“From behind a sizeable 8-foot-wide-by-6-foot-high loom inside her Silver Lake studio, Iris Murphy commands bobbins of paper and silk, jute and upcycled yarns across 24 harnesses, interworking the textures into singular works of textile artistry that run the gamut from interiors to performance, fashion to fine art.”

Kneeland Co. - Archives: Voyages

“I visited her studio and was in awe of her capabilities and knowledge about yarns, dyes, techniques. But what I was really impressed by was her way of thinking, and of the inspiration behind her pieces.”

Warp and Weft Magazine - Interview

“I assess what attributes would be most conducive for the project; feeling, proportions, color, etc. Then, I collect inspirational elements for the project.”


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