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After studying weaving in the UK, Iris returned to her roots in Los Angeles to start her design and art practice. 


Her focus is in the decorative arts, creating textural light fixtures and wall-mounted woven art pieces. 


Each piece is composed of her hand-woven textiles, highlighting natural materials like paper, silk, latex, linen, raw minerals and copper. Occasional pops of effervescent metallic catch the light and provide unexpected contrast against the organic fiber. 


Her inspiration is taken from modernist sculptors like Isamu Noguchi, Barbara Hepworth, JBlunk, and Eduardo Chillida. Her work is also informed by the natural forms and motifs she observes exploring the natural and built environment.

Her creative process starts by drawing out rough ideas for fabric, choosing colors, shapes, layout and desired size, then figuring out what is technically possible on the loom, ending in a warp plan and finally warping up and weaving it.



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